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What is a QA Manager – decoding technical jobs

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Jobs in the tech sector are hard to understand like a QA Manager – what does it really mean? That’s why we decided to decode these technical roles explained by our colleagues – often called Rakutenians – via a regular blog column – Decoding technical jobs. From now on our idea became even bigger and is now extended to our European group of Rakuten businesses under the name of My life as a Rakutenian QA Manager. We’re so pleased to have an opportunity to leverage the enormous depth of technical talent that we have in the group in order to inspire, encourage young generations but also boost diversity in our sector.
Today we’re discovering what it means to be a QA Manager as we are chatting to Israel from Rakuten TV. Hello! Thanks for taking part.

My life as a Rakutenian QA Manager: Israel Rivas González

Tell us what it means to be a QA Manager?

The QA Manager has to ensure that developed software meets and complies with business requirements. And that feedback is provided, to whom it may concern, when they are not met. The most important part of the QA Manager’s role is to transfer the responsibilities, regarding quality assurance, to the other managers and development teams in the company. Ensuring quality is a team effort that requires everyone in the company to understand the importance of quality.  And also willing to make changes to support it.

What are your typical daily tasks?

Being a QA Manager at Rakuten TV is a very challenging position. Every day I have to deal with different situations. This is because our product is currently offered on many platforms such as web, mobile, iOS, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne, set-up-boxes and SmartTvs. This means I have to keep an eye on many projects and manage my team to be aligned with business and ensure deadlines are met.
I attend meetings with other managers and team leads to discuss how projects are going, flagging up any issue that can delay a project. Or demanding resources that my team needs to perform a specific task.
I also have daily contact, by chat, email or face-to-face talk, with developers, managers and team members. In addition, I have to be a mentor, teaching my colleagues good practices or coaching them, helping them to find a solution to any problem they can face.
Sometimes, my role changes and I behave like a QA Engineer. This means testing new features coming from development, performing either manual testing or automated, which I also enjoy

What would you say are the most exciting aspects of your job?

I would say dealing with so many platforms and devices, and managing a team of 10 people. Also, having been at Rakuten TV for four and a half years now, every day is completely different and you never know what you will end up working on.

What kind of training and skills do you need to become QA Manager?

I am a Computer Science Engineer. Therefore I think it is important to have an engineering degree. It helps a lot to know how the product works from bottom to top. It’s useful to be a good QA Engineer before promoting to a Manager. But you have to be good with interacting and empathizing with other people.

How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

It’s already began to change. Right now, we are starting a new strategic project focused on automation. We have to be faster in our daily tasks, trying to verify that the product works as expected and if it doesn’t, we have to detect defects before our customers. So in the near future, it is going to be challenging to manage more automated processes and help others to achieve our goals.

What makes a QA Manager laugh?

Every time I hear from a developer “It works on my machine!” 🙂

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