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How digital content publishing solution boosts return on investment


App development time

It takes 18 weeks on average to develop a mobile app. With our technology, Adecco created and launched its app in just 3 weeks.


Content costs

One of our health industry clients divided its content publishing costs by 5 when switching from print to mobile app to train health professionals.


App creation costs

On average, apps created with our tools are 10 times cheaper than those developed by ITC companies.


Sellers time savings

Sales reps from Adecco, Stago or PwC saved 30 hours each month thanks to sales enablement apps developed with Rakuten Aquafadas’ tools.


Publishing workflow reduction

Our digital publishing solutions help automate the process and a very large amount of new issues can be released in minutes.


Ads impressions

Time spent on a dedicated mobile app is twice as long as time spent on the website while the average number of sessions is 6 times higher.

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