SaaS benefits for the enterprise and digital transformation

By August 20, 2018Blog, Corporate

Software as a Service or SaaS solutions have become widely adopted by organisations around the world and have helped a great deal of companies undergo a better digital transformation. The SaaS doesn’t just represent a profitable business model but provides each and everyone of its users with many benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

And although other similar solutions such as platform as a service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) exist, we will only be addressing SaaS.

Regardless of which industry your organisation belongs to, digital transformation is a continuous process that requires both adaptation and agility. It is therefore primordial to ask yourself how SaaS solutions can help you enhance your transformation efforts.

What is SaaS?

Software as a service is also known as cloud application services and is the most commonly used option in the cloud market. Its purpose is to deliver applications to its users while being managed by a third-party vendor.

Some of the most well known ones are Dropbox, Salesforce and Cisco WebEx. Each of these provide a different service but make use of the same technology. As you may know, the users of such softwares won’t need any storage, servers, databases or other components to run them. The only prerequisite is an internet access.

How can your organisation benefit from SaaS applications?

SaaS can be particularly interesting for SMEs and startups with low budgets, and is especially useful for projects that require collaboration. Such as The Adecco Group’s sales enablement app built with Rakuten Aquafadas technologies, that allowed the 2400 consultants to access various sales presentations, all coordinated, prepared and shared by busy and content overloaded marketing and design teams. Below are some of the advantages that can take your organisation to a whole new level.

lower costs

The costs of cloud-based applications can be very low compared to on-premise solutions. Which is due to the fact that they eliminate the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance. They also take less time to implement than on-premise systems and allow your technical staff to spend their time on more pressing matters.

scalable usage

Unlike on-premise setups, cloud-based applications deliver an optimal network performance and can adapt to your organisation’s needs quickly. Growing doesn’t require more hardware or hiring and training more staff. The computing resources that your business has access to is enough.


SaaS applications being delivered online, users can access and use them at any given time and place, on any device, and for many of them that have a mobile app, they can be accessed from mobile devices as well. Which makes for a perfect solution for applications that need to have web and mobile access.

The SaaS alternative is great when it comes to enhancing your company’s internal processes and is set to change the way companies communicate, deliver products and services to their customers and much more. In many cases, SaaS helps to level the playing field when it comes to global competition, regardless of the size of your organisation.

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