What is sales enablement? And how can this digital ‘weapon’ grow sales?


Sales enablement is a hot keyword of today’s organisations but what is it all about? Is it a fad or a strategic initiative? While it’s no doubt a growing trend, many argue that a low quality and non strategic approach actually makes the situation worse and while as a discipline it grew from 19.3% in 2013 to 32.7% in 2016, sales targets achievements actually decreased from 63% to 55.8%

Sales enablement combines various elements: collaboration and alignment between sales, marketing and content teams, training and upskilling as well as usage of smart and intelligent technologies all of them together to improve results and productivity of sales.

What sales enablement can bring to today’s business

Various industry analysis show a very clear picture of digital-first companies championing intelligent sales enablement:  

  • 90% of companies using sales gamification are successful, and 71% of these companies reported a boost in sales performance {Hubspot}
  • 60% of sellers say collaborative selling increases their productivity by 25% or more, and over half say it also increases their pipeline {Salesforce}

But what kind of tools can make it work and what are the latest trends?  

Time has moved on and top sales professionals know they need to do a review of all they already have in hands: CRM systems, sales intelligence tools, social selling, one off apps and email tracking.

To sign deals and get ahead of competition a single solution like a one off app isn’t an answer anymore. What today’s business need is a long term sales enablement approach with various must have features:

  • Scalability – start with a pilot project e.g. app and develop and grow it according to needs and business changes
  • Analytics – view in real time the usage and popularity of the tool to view who uses it and what content works and what doesn’t
  • Sync with existing systems like CRM
  • Content management – make management and production of sales demos fast, effective, automated but also highly engaging at the same time
  • Mobile first and device agnostic –  adap technology to work patterns of today’s reps: always on the go, connected, with and without internet connection and using various devices
  • Reliability and security – ensuring it’s safe and compliant and open only to those who are allowed  access to often confidential presentations and figures

What about sales enablement, as tools for sale, real examples?

Adecco: a scalable and dynamic sales application created for a worldwide staffing company. It is a all in one hub hosting all sales presentations: private, highly secure and interactive. Created as a flexible Next Gen application model it’s constantly updated and modified based on needs of sellers and content creators. Read our case study.

PwC: a sales demo app created by one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world. It’s considered as a mobile innovation in client relations and has been created to provide highly impressive experience meeting experience. Engaging for clients and easy to manage for sales teams equipped in iPads and always on the go.  Read our case study.

Stago: a contextual content approach from an In Vitro Diagnostic leader. In one digital hub developed and evolved in time, they have included various presentations, demos, sales sheets for teams across 15 countries. All well structured to fit the internal needs and adapted to easy to manage for content creators.

Saint Gobain Isover: a key player in insulation products market decided to stand out during sales demos and differentiating their offering by presenting their materials with interactivity. In their sales enablement app they included highly seductive rich content helping sales rep to deliver highly impressive live demos, all converted from paper to digital. Read our case study.

Do you want your own intelligent sales enablement weapon?

Contact our experts today for your free demo of out tools for sale. Not sure yet? Review our other case studies in details to see how others benefitted and check to our webinar (in French only).

But why choose our technology?

  • With us you can start from a very small pilot and add new features as you go along
  • We have fun and highly engaging gamification features indispensable to train new sellers
  • We can add collaboration features as nobody else on the market
  • New – we are also able to offer super points inside the app as loyalty, motivation schemes for busy sales teams working hard on meeting their target

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