AI powered mobile solution

AI powered mobile solution


High-value service to accelerate
time to publish on any mobile device

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We analyze it all…

Not a team of 20…But mainly our AI automated platform!

We ingest & learn it all…

We check it all…

We push it all… responsive

Commitment to results

  • Initial diagnostic phase
  • Experienced AI methodology
    (Rakuten Institute of Technology)
  • Strong digital publishing expertise

Scaled for high volumes

  • Industrial processes
  • Secured data management
  • Patented AI workflow

User-experience oriented

  • Personalized brand settings
  • Maximizing creativity
  • Maximizing engagement
  • Analytics driven

Seamless implementation

  • A “No impact” workflow in your processes
  • Premium service

Advanced performances

  • Cost efficient – Low OPEX
  • Self improvement learning
  • Higher layout accuracy

Boosted time to market

  • Automated AI, low human input

Smart Digital Designer service

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