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What is a Front End Developer? Decoding technical jobs

By October 3, 2017 No Comments

As a mobile software company, on a daily basis we write code and solve technical issues. But our jobs might be hard to understand (Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Big Data Specialist, Tester, UX/UI experts and others). That’s why we launched a regular column to ‘decode’ technical professions to inspire and explain what they really mean.

Today it is a third instalment, following an interview with our Creative Technologist and Back End Developer. We spoke to our Front End Pro Romain Brochot asking him to outline what he does in a few simple words

Front End Developer – Romain Brochot


What does it mean to be a Front End Developer?

It’s basically all about management of interfaces, in my case specifically app interfaces. What I do is what users, people who surf the internet will see on the browsers.
Nowadays, most of the app creation is done by the front-end developers. In the past it was coded by back-end developers. So what is the difference between these 2 disciplines?

  • Front-end development happens in the browser. We use data provided by backend and layout the app.
  • Back-end development is located in the server. They create the app logic and then give data to the front.


What’s your typical daily task?

There are a few key jobs I handle daily:

  • coding new features and technical changes in the existing apps
  • correcting bugs working with testers, who are not developers but are in charge of checking every inch of the app to find out problems, which we call bugs
  • reviewing code written by others developers to prevent as much as possible any issues and malfunctions


What’s exciting about your job?

It’s really interesting to be using new technologies or new ways of coding. For example we use frameworks, which are big blocks of codes pre-developed and tested by giants. This is what Google does by developing and using Angular. Thanks to these frameworks, we don’t have to start from scratch, we already have a base. Moving away from pure tech subject, I also like working with my team.We have a great atmosphere in our office!

What’s most difficult?

The tricky part is unit testing. What is that?  In simple words, this is all about associating units of code to test the final code.. It is easier to test little parts of the finale code than all of it. Another challenge is also correcting bugs. It is always time consuming, because we don’t know where the issue comes from. It’s  almost like a treasure hunt.

What kind of training and skills do you need to become a Front End Developer?

Most commonly you can study in an engineering school. But in my view it’s also all about motivation. It all depends on willingness to learn and passion about coding.

How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

It’s already begun to change. I soon foresee all mobile app code changing (Android and iOS). In the long term there will only be progressive web apps. These are websites that act like an app, online and offline.It’s already happening and I give it 10 years before they become central.

And last but not least: what makes a Front End Developer laugh?

“It works with / under chrome”

Because so many (but not all of course) front-end developers primary use chrome as a browser and forget about the others. And yes 95% of the chrome code is similar to other browsers (firefox, edge …) but 5% is different. And we tend to forget about that. But we have been improving!.

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