University competition – using Aquafadas technology as a learning tool

By April 27, 2017Education, News

Aquafadas are proud to announce that our technology is at the heart of the digital publishing university competition in China and Taiwan: The third cross-strait University e-book creation competition 2017.

This nationwide contest is a part of the Aquafadas wider engagement with students and educational institutions. Our digital content and apps are used not only to publish business documents, create digital newspapers but also to support young generation by offering practical experience and tangible proof of digital skills indispensable when searching for jobs in a highly competitive market of today.

50 universities, over 300 teams

As a part of the competition, organised by the Hangzhou Dianzi University, running between January till June 2017, young learners from digital publishing, editing, art design and new media degrees are given an opportunity to build e-books and apps about chosen traditional culture topics while competing against teams from other universities.

The key goal is to offer students a unique chance to develop new skills such as digital publishing in a practical and fun way (learning by doing). When technology is advancing at rapid rate, educational institutions need to play catch up to be able to push students and teachers to their full potential. They need to offer real world skills to prepare students to enter workforce fully equipped and ready to fulfil digital skills gap.

“This is already the third time we hold this competition. No doubt that it will not only promote the cross-strait cultural exchanges, but also provide a platform for institutions, scholars, students and service providers of the digital publishing industry to communicate and collaborate together. We wish to see more and more excellent work coming out, and also hope to discuss and share openly the point of views of the future of digital publishing.”, WANG Qiang, Director of the School of Media and Design, Hangzhou Dianzi University.

How does it work?

In each of the teams there are 8 students and 1 professor as a coach. Participants can choose between one to six different subjects and then submit one digital work for each theme.

  1.  technology and education
  2.  traditions and culture
  3.  cultural heritage protection
  4.  mobile reading and creative culture
  5.  reading and life
  6.  free topic: 2D or 3D interactive creative design, by using AR, MR, VR, HTML etc.

The winners will be offered various prizes and will be chosen by an independent jury of cross-strait scholars and industry experts. With the awards ceremony taking place in October 2017 in Taiwan at National Taiwan University of Arts and in mainland at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Amongst the awards the organisers will also announce the Aquafadas Best Designer Prize. We’re looking forward to seeing all the fantastic digital work created with our software.

“The e-books from the former winners look excellent, inspired from this, and also because we want to learn something new and challenge ourselves, we decided to participate in this competition. Digital publishing is a major trend and that’s why we want to gain knowledge and experience. We cannot code nor do we have any technical background.  Aquafadas tools facilitate our work. It’s a good choice for us. We also want to thank the professors who gave us the online training. School exams are coming, but we are not giving up working on our e-book creation!”, XU Youlei, competition participant speaking on behalf of his team.

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