How to equip sales teams to work smarter – video case study

Imagine managing various sales documents for multiple geographically dispersed offices and employees working on the go? How do you do it fast and effectively? And how do you keep all these important files up to date, secure and easily accessible? Does it sound familiar?

Adecco’s challenge
Adecco is one of the biggest players in recruitment. They are present in multiple countries across the world and only in France they have 3000 consultants working in different branches and often out of the office. And every day they need to access various sales presentations laboriously managed and shared by busy marketing teams.
“Our teams used to spend hours updating and sharing documents via emails and intranet with our representatives across the country. At the same time our business priority was to expand our sales ability and make their work more efficient.” Jean-Paul Bouteloup, Marketing Manager, Adecco  
Going mobile as a solution
Adecco understood how to meet needs of their digital first employees with mobile. They chose innovative digital publishing to create, distribute and manage their sales content.
Using tools from Aquafadas – a leading mobile publishing software creator – in only 3 weeks working in house they created a sales enablement app Adecco Essentiel. With digital tech they built a very useful sales tool meeting all their requirements:

  • Gathering and managing various sales files in one place
  • Offering interactive content with search and bespoke user profiles engaging time poor sales reps
  • Keeping files up to date in an easy and fast manner
  • Sharing quickly and efficiently for online and offline use
  • Protecting confidential documents with passwords and easily disabling access when required
  • Measuring results, sending notifications and amending content accordingly

Mobile resource really well received – astonishing results
But who would expect such enthusiasm and workflow improvements?
Internal reaction couldn’t have been better. 78% of sales reps downloaded and started using the app. Almost 90% of them – all ages and experience – were satisfied with the experience. And whilst browsing their app, they on average used at least 5 documents. And marketing teams loved it too – their workload became more efficient and optimised.
“Within only 3 weeks, thanks to Aquafadas tools, we created a sales app that was quickly adopted by our staff. We now have a resource that we can modify in real time. And we can use all document formats we have in hand: either PDFs or PPTs easily converting them into digital content.“ Jean-Paul Bouteloup, Marketing Manager, Adecco
“Our workflow has been streamlined and we’ve already had 4 Adecco business units requesting their own apps!“ Carine Rochette, Marketing Manager, Adecco
Now it’s your turn to benefit from digital with Aquafadas 
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