Workplace health promotion: reading and searching with ease case study


The German agency wdv Group launched an innovative media app for their customer, Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege“ (BGW). BGW is the statutory accident insurance for non-governmental institutions in health care and welfare care. The free app available on smartphone, phablets and tablets (iOS and Android) provides mobile access to the BGW magazines.

Smart technology to engage with companies, employees and apprentices

How to prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards? How to promote health at work to varied audiences? BGW decided to promote and raise awareness of often lengthy and dull health and safety procedures via their digital magazines. Enhanced with innovative reading solutions, easy text search and engaging content. Perfect solution supported by smart technology.

Comfortable reading on mobile with innovative media app

wdv used the Rakuten Aquafadas’ Cloud Authoring tool to convert the print PDF documents. Thanks to the integrated Guided Reading functionality the readers can easily navigate through the content, especially on smartphones.

Christian Jurasz-Kischka, Head of Media Data Processing at wdv Group:

“When reading the magazines users do not have to choose the page section themselves but are guided by clicking through the magazine articles with an innovative reading mode. By linking on the BGW website, which opens directly in the app, additional picture galleries, videos as well as detailed background information are integrated – all very clear and with good performance.”

Perfect content structure with the NextGen kiosk

But how can the five integrated magazines be managed? By using Rakuten Aquafadas’ Next Gen app providing predefined banner templates allowing for all changes done in real time and automatically saved and applied to all platforms. wdv used theses banners to categorize the magazines and to integrate videos and external links into the store front.

Finding facts with speed – full text search of all content

To top it off, the latest app update includes an addition of a new and highly desirable for magazine editors and readers feature from Rakuten Aquafadas: full text search. This option allows for searching within the whole app content including documents not yet downloaded (or purchased) by the user. Based on on a high-performance technology: ElasticSearch, browsing  of documents in the app is no longer limited to parts of text and metadata only. It allows looking for keywords in the entire documents or magazines content.

Imagine looking for a specific detail in a lengthy H&S work procedure? Full text search is the answer!

Browse the app and magazine. Watch the video

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