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BannerZest for Windows lets you easily build Flash-based interactive slideshows without becoming a Flash® ActionScript® developer. BannerZest provides the fastest and easiest way to add punch and movement to your still images online, and get professional slideshows. BannerZest allows users to add the code to the most popular blog and web site editors. In the Pro version, export an alternative version of your banner in a format that can be viewed when the browser does not have Flash® installed. That means your banners now can be viewed on iPhone and iPad!

Drag and Drop - it’s that simple

All you have to do is select, drag, and drop the images you want into a designated area. Then choose from BannerZest's menu of creative ready-made animated themes, click, and you're done! It's that simple.

In the Pro version:
Publish your banner as a single .swf file, making your banner advertising programs a breeze.

Incredibly Fast

The Inspector window provides access to four menus: Media, Themes, Settings, and Publish. You can easily edit your media, resize and crop your images. Navigation is fast and simple with the resizable Inspector window.
The inspector allow you to move into top gear with your banner creation by using BannerZest’s standard presets.
You can also add a single audio file that can loop during the slideshow.

A large choice of themes

Various themes are available to let you visualize your slideshows. You can customize every aspect of every theme. Using the settings you can customize the theme, change the background, text colors, the timing transitions, and much more.
Make the most of your Website with BannerZest and impress your audience.

Easy Web integration

BannerZest talks to all leading Website and blog editors. So whether you are using RapidWeaver, Dreamweaver, Freeway, or any other tool, with BannerZest you get your banners online easily.

What's more?
Your upload settings are saved with your document, so if you need to change your banner, you just have to hit the upload button again and BannerZest replaces the old files with the new ones. Your Website will reflect the change without any modification to your HTML.

Standard vs Pro

BannerZest for Windows comes in a Standard and a Pro version. If you're a non-specialist looking to spice up your web site with flash animations created in just a few clicks, BannerZest Standard will meet your needs. BannerZest Standard is for non-commercial use only.
If you are making a living out of Web site creation, BannerZest Pro will help you streamline your banner creation process. The pro version includes extra themes and additional options for slideshow interactivity.

System requirements

Compatibility : Windows 7, Vista, XP ; 1Go of RAM ; Processor Dual Core.

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