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Build and manage visually attractive apps with ease. Give your users high-quality reading experiences, enriched with innovative e-commerce, fintech and digital content services from the Rakuten ecosystem - at the same time keeping cost and complexity down

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Why us

Rakuten Aquafadas solutions enable you to create business apps fast. Build your own app with drag and drop components, without specialist developers, and with straightforward maintenance, then customise and integrate them with internal and external components. Finally, fill them with outstanding content – we’re proud of our French roots, so we call it haute couture rendering!

Build mobile apps for business

Use drag and drop components to create cross-platform native apps with ease. Build once, publish everywhere, including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS X and Web – deploy rich content including ePUB and HTML5.

Create content

Use our advanced authoring tools to repurpose your legacy documents, or design new content from scratch, adding interactivity features, rich media, and more.

Engage and monetise

Attract users, enable collaboration, and drive loyalty. Create revenue with in-app purchases and ads, while keeping an eye on performance with analytics.


Stay ahead of your competitors by offering unique mobile experiences to your users. Our clients benefit from decades of Rakuten experience and knowledge, produced by our global R&D centres – we’re always crafting new technology to help you engage your users.

What makes us unique

Our technology has already enabled the digitisation of thousands of documents and helped businesses reach mobile-first audiences all over the world – and we’ve got more! We’re at the heart of the global Rakuten Group, so our clients have access to more than 20 years of ongoing innovation and cutting-edge business services. The Rakuten ecosystem gives app creators access to unique tools and integrations, which can be combined with perfectly rendered content to give users amazing experiences.



Big Data


In-app ads





Collaboration tools

Who is it for


Sales teams use our technology to create irresistible sales presentations; up-to-date, secure, and even available offline. Sales leaders can deploy a sales management app for sales enablement, internal communication, onboarding, and to get deep insight with usage analytics.


Marketers rely on our platform to quickly and simply create engaging digital experiences for their customers, and to implement their multi-channel content strategy.


HR and learning professionals develop internal engagement, training, and onboarding process hubs to train new starters, share culture and values, boost skills, offer rewards, even promote staff wellbeing.


Publishers and media organisations have used our digital publishing software for over a decade – we have the tools to automate editorial process, create digital magazines, and monetise their content.


CDOs, CMOs, CTOs, and CIOs looking for a robust mobile technology platform to deliver their strategic ideas and long-term business development vision.

In practice - our case studies


Personalised sales demos on mobile for sales reps across 15 countries


PwC Store app – mobile innovation in client relations


How to equip sales teams to work smarter

“We chose Next Gen Applications because they’re easy to use, and require no HTML coding.”


“Rakuten Aquafadas gives us a powerful, integrated platform to deliver a new class of customer experience.”


Our events and webinars

logo-MWC events
March 16, 2018

Mobile World Congress


image-computer webinars
March 16, 2018

Cloud Authoring V2 – Webinar

Cloud Authoring V2 How to create interactive content without coding and design knowledge? Do you need to continue searching for innovation? Do you need to stand out from competition? No...
image-whitepaper webinars
March 16, 2018

How to boost your digital content deployment strategy – Webinar

White papers How to boost your digital content deployment strategy
image-phone webinars
March 16, 2018

Sales enablement app – Webinar

Sales enablement app Help your sales team work better to sell more only in french version

Our blog

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May 17, 2018

What is an iOS developer? Decoding technical jobs

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May 15, 2018

Why you should think of apps as strategic enterprise assets

For any business, online or offline, a website is a given. In our mobile-first universe, it’s also pretty unusual to find one that isn’t responsive…

Case Studies
May 7, 2018

Gattefossé App of the month – Enriched sales repository app

This month, Gattefossé’s app wins the title of best app of the month. The Gattefossé group is an international group present in more than 60…

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May 4, 2018

Mobile marketing, stats and trends – experts views

The need to go mobile and develop watertight mobile marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough. Marketers today more than ever need to have a comprehensive…

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