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We offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your digital publishing needs whether you are media, books or corporate organisation. Elegant content creation, AI-powered automation, mobile apps and omni-channel content distribution.

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Unique ecosystem

Part of the Rakuten group, we offer a unique combination of content, services and data for mobile device publishing.

Business benefits

We help organisations squeeze every last drop of value out of their content while monetising and growing audiences.

Latest technologies

We empower brands with augmented content authoring, smart readers with guided reading and responsive layouts and elegant mobile and web apps.

Editorial services

We make content publishing easier with cloud based admin tools including push management, content and app structure editing features.


Unlock the potential of your legacy documents or design new content from scratch, adding greater interactivity, rich media, and more.


Design scalable apps and immediately publish interactive content inside. Make changes in real time and publish everywhere – iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS X and Web.


Increase your competitive edge with unique content experiences using new technologies developed by the Rakuten group.

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Digital content publishing suite

Full stack solution for content centric media and corporate publishers

Digital content publishing packs

Various packaged services for system integrators partners

In practice - our case studies

The magazine has been issuing the explorations and discoveries of its scientists, explorers and photographers for 131 years. It’s produced monthly and as of 2015, was circulating worldwide in nearly 40 local-language editions and 33 languages.
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The use of Aquafadas aptly demonstrates the artistic creativity and high-end interactivity that can be achieved while serving the needs of a global audience. Lufthansa’s new digital “planet” magazine received a prestigious Mercury Gold award for the outstanding design of both the App and Web versions. Presented by the New York International Academy of Communication Arts and Sciences (IACAS), the Mercury Excellence Awards are one of the most important award competitions in the world of professional communications.

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“Our clients are now able to interact with our demos when our consultants can at the same time specifically tailor them depending on interlocutor needs.” Jean-Paul Bouteloup, Marketing Innovation Manager, PwC France.

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See the 6 practical examples and why they have become a ‘must have’ in today’s enterprise environment.

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Mobile apps in content marketing

For marketers, one of the key wins achieved with an app install is push notifications – a premium, high-response marketing channel.

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Streamlining multi-channel content delivery

For many organisations, that growing number of outputs has become a real challenge.

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