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AppFactory is a free software that lets you easily create a native iOS or Android app. This app contains the content you created using our InDesign or Cloud Authoring tools. In one click you can publish a mobile app for the Apple, Google or Amazon app stores.

Build your content in Aquafadas’ Cloud Authoring system or with Adobe InDesign using our plugin.

Create your container app in AppFactory. Use our themes or design your own—no coding required!

Publish your finished app in one click and distribute it on Apple App Store, Newsstand, Google Play or Amazon!.

What kind of apps can you make?

Single-issue APP

This is a simple app that contains only one issue worth of content. Customize the look of your app and display only the content you need for an easy and efficient mobile app solution.


A fully-featured bookstore with in-app purchasing is the perfect choice for booksellers. Includes store, in-app purchase.


Designed for magazine-style publications, this app lets you publish multiple issues of the same title, with support for database connection, subscription management and in-app purchases.

Multi-Title Kiosk

Similar to Kiosk, but with more options for those selling multiple titles within one app. Includes store and library, advertising space and the ability for your users to sync titles across devices.

Create your content once. AppFactory will build iOS and Android versions of your app automatically.

Yeah, it’s that easy.

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Want help distributing your app?

If you need an end-to-end app development solution, Aquafadas has you covered. We can submit your app to the Apple, Google or Amazon app stores and newsstands. Focus on your content and let us handle the rest!

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Need a custom mobile app solution?

Our SDK is available for developers and organisations that prefer to build their apps internally using our technology. Aquafadas powers thousands of digital publications and mobile apps worldwide. Contact us today to see what we can build together.

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