The Aquafadas Cloud Authoring system lets you convert print layouts to ePUB format or a branded web app.

Upload your layout, add interactive elements and publish in one click to the Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Amazon or Sony.

Or, convert your content to digital and use AppFactory to publish it to an iOS or Android app.


Easily add and format image files. Upload your images from a local source, or embed them from a URL. Make your images static or allow your users to zoom to a full-screen view.

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Create slideshows to showcase photos within your app or e-book. Add effects, controls and animations to your images and make your slideshow as simple or complex as you wish.

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Enhance your content with videos! Upload video files or embed from a URL, and decide how your users view and interact with them. Choose triggering and playback options and if you wish, create custom controls.

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Add audio content and decide how your end user will interact with it. Make your audio play automatically, or custom build controls using images or text to match your app or publication’s visual identity.

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The ability to add and define buttons to your content opens a world of possibilities. Style them however you wish using images or existing content. Use buttons to allow control of navigation, A/V content and more.

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HTML embed

This enrichment makes it possible to embed entire webpages within your app or publication. Users can interact with embedded pages just like a web browser, and you can display HTML5 animations and other rich content.

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Guided Reading

Guided Reading is an elegant and intuitive interface that lets you define blocks of text that can be navigated with single finger taps. Cloud Authoring will analyze your content to create the navigation automatically, and each time your reader makes a finger tap, the next block of content will be displayed, eliminating the need to scroll and zoom. Your reading experience will be more immersive and allow your readers to focus on your content, rather than how to navigate through it.

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This powerful enrichment allows you to add invisible anchors to your content. Use anchors to build navigation controls, trigger events or create stunning interactive effects by controlling content layers.

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Our automatic crop removal feature saves you the time of having to edit out crop marks individually—making the transition from a print layout to e-book or digital magazine faster and more fluid than ever.

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A common issue in the transition from print to digital is that often, pages are not in the correct order because the layout was designed to be printed. This feature allows you to instantly reorder your pages for digital display.

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“Not only did Cloud Authoring enable us to accomplish this massive task in such a short timeframe, but we were able to do so with high-quality results,”

Benjamin Babron
graphic designer at Milan Presse


“The beauty of the Aquafadas Cloud Authoring solution is that it is robust and very fast,”

Vincent Lawrence


“We’re extremely pleased with the power and versatility that Aquafadas Cloud Authoring offers in terms of digitizing content,”

Michael Tamblyn
Kobo's chief content officer

ePUB Fixed Layout Generation

Offers superior definition to standard ePUB conversion tools.

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AVE Format Export

For creating mobile apps with the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System. Provides high-resolution files for an unparalleled look and feel on tablets and smartphones.

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Showcase your content in a branded web-reader that displays like an app.

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