Use one of our sleek templates or create your own layout from scratch. Then, add interactive elements to create an immersive digital experience for your users. Finally, test and publish your content to a mobile app or eBook format. Make it available on every device and app store without having to build multiple versions.

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Better layouts, less work.

  • New Speed Generation
    The completely re-developed plugin speeds up generation of files by 10 times. Generate fully interactive documents in few minutes.

  • HV Layout
    Build adaptive layouts on iOS and Android devices! Quickly create a layout that adapts to the orientation of tablet and smartphone screens. Switch between orientations with one click and synchronise text, images and other content in each orientation automatically.

  • Font Management
    Most smartphones and tablets only provide a limited number of default fonts. Our font management solution lets you embed fonts so your content displays perfectly across every platform—including iOS and Android devices, eReaders and WebReader format.

  • iOS Retina Export
    Export your files in a resolution fully compatible with iPads and iPhones using the new Retina display. Easily generate two versions of the same app—a high-resolution version for Retina displays and a lower resolution version for other screens.
  • Pop-Up
    This feature allows you to create pop-up content within your apps and e-books. Use them to feature content, embed external websites, reveal hidden objects, offer help and guidance to users and just about anything else you can imagine!


Easily add and format image files. Upload your images from a local source, or embed them from a URL. Make your images static or allow your users to zoom to a full-screen view.

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Create slideshows to showcase photos within your app or eBook. Add effects, controls and animations to your images and make your slideshow as simple or complex as you wish!

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Enhance your content with videos! Upload video files or embed from a URL, and decide how your users view and interact with them. Choose triggering and playback options and if you wish, create custom controls.

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Add audio content and decide how your end user will interact with it. Make your audio play automatically, or custom build controls using images or text to match your app or publication’s visual identity.

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The ability to add and define buttons to your content opens a world of possibilities. Style them however you wish using images or existing content. Use buttons to allow control of navigation, A/V content and more.

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HTML Embed

HTML Embed makes it possible to embed entire webpages within your app or publication. Users can interact with embedded pages just like a web browser, and you can display HTML5 animations and other rich content.

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Most smartphones and tablets only provide a standard font size for text. The Reflow feature allows you to create text boxes that give your users the option to increase or decrease font size for a more comfortable reading experience across all devices.

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Guided Reading

Guided Reading is an elegant and intuitive interface that lets you define blocks of text that can be navigated with single finger taps. Simply create the navigation blocks, and then each time your reader makes a finger tap, the next block of content will be displayed, eliminating the need to scroll and zoom. Your reading experience will be more immersive and allow your readers to focus on your content, rather than how to navigate through it.

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Let your users compare two states of an image simply by swiping their finger. You can enable full-screen viewing and create different captions for each state.

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Read Aloud

Link an audio file to a text block and offer a read-aloud option. You can also manage the overlay effect and highlight animation to create a visual code for the functionality. Export your read-aloud content to ePUB or a native mobile app instantly.

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Quickly integrate a map into your content using Google Maps™. Show your user’s GPS location in the map and insert customizable pointers to highlight specific locations.

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Animated Image

Create animated images with a simple swipe of the finger. Build 360° animations to show all views of a product or element. You can control the speed and scroll direction, or loop the animation for a simpler interface.

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This powerful enrichment allows you to add invisible anchors to your content. Use anchors to build navigation controls, trigger events or create stunning interactive effects by controlling content layers.

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Drag & Drop

Put your finger on an element of the layout and drop it to its dedicated place. Drag & Drop is the perfect enrichment for educational and children books, or simply to let readers interact with your content in a new way. It can be used to create games and educational exercises in all types of publications.

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This enrichment lets you embed a vertical or horizontal scrollable layout in a page. You can even overlay several layouts to create sophisticated designs within your app or eBook. The scrollable layout can include any elements from InDesign, including interactive elements such as slideshows and videos. Customize the scrollable area with fade and scrollbar options and use in combination with anchors to trigger custom events in the page.

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Save time and production costs by chaining enrichments together in a pre-defined script. Create a sequenced list of actions and apply it directly to elements, rather than having to build your sequences one at a time.

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Design a personalized connect-the-dots drawing game to enhance your app. Customize the look and feel of your game, and assign an action that will trigger when the user has successfully completed the game.

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Hide & Seek

To solve this game, users must locate specific characters and objects within the layout. An action will be activated when the game has been completed successfully. This enrichment also supports animation for a richer user experience.

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Using this enrichment, turn any .JPG or .PNG image file into a challenging puzzle. You can select the level of difficulty by creating larger or smaller pieces, and trigger variable events to occur when the user has won or lost.

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Create challenging mazes for your users to navigate using their tablet or smartphone’s accelerometer. With the premium version of this enrichment you can create roadblocks and passable edges, integrate audio and trigger variable actions upon completion.

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Maze Collider

Easily build complex labyrinths that incorporate obstacles for the user to overcome in order to proceed. Construct these challenging mazes to create games that will entertain for hours!

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Create a fun and challenging memory game where users must match cards to each other by flipping them over one at a time. Choose the number of cards to control the level of difficulty, allow your users to save their scores and customize the design of each game.

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Embed powerful HTML5 animations into your projects using our MotionComposer software. MotionComposer allows you to build complex animations quickly with no coding, and with the MotionComposer Connect enrichment you can use these animations in your layout.

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Use triggers to create a scenario in which users must complete an action or series of action to unlock additional content. This can be used to grant access to hidden content and incentives when your users watch an entire video, scroll through a block of text, successfully complete a game and more.

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Integrate real-world physics modeling into your project. Build elements that your users can control and interact with using their tablet or smartphone’s accelerometer. Add physical properties to any part of your project, create innovative navigation interfaces and build entertaining games with this versatile enrichment.

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Allow your readers to personalize their digital book. Create a page where users can hand-write their name and save it. They will then be able to see their name each time they open the book.

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The goal of this game is to rebuild an image that was previously shown among a series of images. Use your own pictures to create custom games quickly. Control the difficulty, add a timer and let your users save their scores with the premium version of this enrichment.

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Spot Difference

Include the classic game in which users must identify all the differences between two images. An action will be triggered when all the differences have been discovered.

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Create challenging, custom Sudoku games within your app or eBook. Customize the size, color, typography and grid design, and control the level of difficulty for each game.

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Create a drawing or coloring space to your projects. Include different types of brushes, color palettes, erasers, an eye-dropper color picker and a screenshot button to save images to a user’s camera roll. Create a coloring-book by inserting a line-based image to be colored in, or let your users get creative with a blank design space.

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Custom-designed quiz allows you to create quiz using Abode InDesign. Fully manage your layout and the component of your quiz to engage learners.

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Preset Quiz

allows you to choose from a wide selection of question styles including:

  •  True/False
  •  Multiple choice
  •  Relationships
  •  Sequences
  •  Fill in the gaps
  •  Free text
Even include audio and visual hints. Perfect for testing students, finding information from your users or just for fun!

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System requirements
InDesign CS6 or CC. Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC. On (Mac OS X Mountain Lion). Only InDesign CS6 and CC is compatible with Image Magick (and X11 on MacOS X Mountain Lion - MacOS 10.8 )

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