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Cloud Authoring converts your pdf to digital format and adds standard enrichments automatically. Create custom-designed publications with a wide range of innovative enrichments for all your needs.

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Create an App

Create native Apps without coding

Native apps are a great way to attract loyal customers.
Simply choose your template which contains a wide array of options such as in-app purchase, subscriptions, featured items and notifications.
Use your content for all your platforms. Content for your app can be made automatically with Cloud Authoring or manually with InDesign Authoring.
A SDK is available for developers to add new features to our existing app Templates or to accelerate your own development using the templates and the Aquafadas Publishing System.


Create enriched content

An exceptional reader-experience

Transform you existing content easily for Tablets and Smartphones.
InDesign Authoring enables you to design great content and create an exceptional reader experience.
Directly working from InDesign with more than 40 enrichments, you can create AVE files for your App or ePub files, using both Reflow or Fixed-Layout Mode, with a large range of enrichments, for eBookstores.

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Convert PDF automatically

Go digital automatically

Cloud Authoring can convert your pdf content, in large quantities, to publish digitally for ePubs, app and Webreaders.
Cloud Authoring goes beyond the basic pdf replica by offering enrichments (automatically or custom-designed) to create an amazing reader-experience.

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Powerful Marketing Tools

More readers and more revenue

Create your own App and access a new, exciting and dynamic business channel. 
Digital Publishing offers you new sales revenue streams , new audiences and an alternative source of advertising income.
With the Aquafadas Marketing Tools you can create your own branded App with auto-renewable subscriptions, Push notifications and in-App purchasing. Tracking the success of such tools is made easy through Analytics which enable you to measure performance on a micro level thereby ensuring control of your Digital Publishing profitability.