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iDive offers both professional and amateur enthusiast videographers the possibility of managing video footage collections. iDive transforms your videos into a catalog that's easy and quick to put together and access.

What can iDive do for you?

Your movie collection is expanding (on memory card, hard drive, DVDs or even video cassette), but you don't know how to organize them? Don't lose those precious personal moments or your all important professional footage... let iDive take control! In a few clicks, iDive will automatically display your footage collection in thumbnails and/or one or more samples for each clip.

iDive offers a multitude of new functions for even faster and easier use.

A Central hub for your films and clips

iDive is the must-have tool for cataloging and organizing all your videos. iDive allows you to import any video file format that can be opened by QuickTime and keep track of your videos, CDs or DVDs. iMovie users will find a tool that lets them browse through all their projects and catalog clips captured in iMovie.

iDive integrates seamlessly with VideoPier (able to read video formats not supported by QuickTime) and is able to access files from VideoPier in order to catalog them.

Catalog all your movies, in any format

iDive is the ideal cataloging solution for all your movie files as it features QuickTime import capabilities allowing you to keep track of all video files whether they come from a camcorder, are downloaded from the Internet, stored on a hard drive or from CD/DVD.

Now iDive is compatible with even more video formats such as MPEG2 or AVCHD.

Easy Capture

Just connect your camcorder to your Mac, launch iDive and a few clicks later you’ll be capturing data directly from your camcorder into iDive’s database. iDive scans tape after tape to build an index of your DV Library. iDive detects clip boundaries, extracts information (dates, time, format) and takes sample images from each clip at regular intervals. If you want, iDive can also record the whole clip or simply index your footage by taking sample frames in full resolution.

From the sample images, iDive now allows you to recapture the best moments from your video.
Simply click on the images that you want to retain and iDive will search your video footage for the relevant footage. In this way, you can keep hold of the best moments and memories that are shared between family and friends.

Visualize in a truly innovative way with Power Preview

With iDive, there’s no need to look through your entire footage to see what’s there. With a simple click, iDive can judge the nature, content and recording quality of your clips. Using Power Preview is a shortcut to faster and easier annotation of your footage, since it answers questions about your data.

Navigate your video library easily with iDive, organize and find your clips instantly!

Filter based searches using dates, names, places and events allows you to quickly identify your clips by their content. You can easily assign annotations to your clips using drag and drop technology.

Improved organization and layout of the search window allows you to quickly search your clips using new tabs to indicate names, places and events.

You can now search your videos with even greater ease by using the iDive timeline. Each clip is represented by a bar on which you can visaulize the timeline by day, month or year. Zoom in on the timeline for a more precise search.

Keep your workspace under control - you can now view your video footage in the main window and even select different videos for viewing.

Feature-packed export functionality

iDive is the ideal tool to export your footage to any QuickTime compatible format. It’s possible to export your videos to QuickTime, iPod / iPhone, Apple TV but also to an iMovie event. iDive talks natively to Final Cut Pro via the export of clip lists, making it the ideal video logging companion. Make iDive your chosen tape repository and export selected clips to Final Cut Pro for recapture whenever you need them for a project. You can also export to iMovie®, Final Cut Express®, Avid® and iPhoto®…

Seamless integration with Avid, Final Cut and Turbo H264 formats.

Advanced user: Export your videos to iMovie and Final Cut

iDive is the ideal companion to use alongside your digital video editing software through the export of footage via drag and drop. You can use iDive's organization and selection capabilities to easily build clip lists, then drag and drop them into your favorite video editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro and have your footage automatically transferred into your editing environment. Final Cut Pro Users, you can now export annotated clip lists from iDive using the XML Interchange format and import them into Final Cut Pro where they will appear as new clips, ready to be recaptured. iDive becomes the ideal footage selection tool and will easily integrate into your existing workflow, enhancing your creativity.

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 ; 1-GHz G4, G5, or Mac Intel ; 1G of RAM ; A DV camera (optional) ; Internet connection required for registration.

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