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Create interactive animation and run it anywhere!

Animations and interactive content created with MotionComposer runs on any computer, smartphone and tablet, including iPhone, iPad and Android. MotionComposer’s unique technology plays interactive content as Flash® in Web browsers that support Flash®, and automatically plays a HTML5 version in browsers that don’t support Flash®.
Now your interactive Web content will play in any browser, including iPhone and iPad!

An easy to use interface


MotionComposer makes your life easy

  • web appNo coding required.
  • html5 publishingA clear user interface lets you create beautiful animations effortlessly.
  • html5 animationPublish in Flash® and HTML5 in a single step.
  • how to create publishing projectPublish content to any computer, smartphone, and tablet, including iPhone and iPad.
  • mobile appOptimized HTML5 code ensures the best performance of your content on iPhone and iPad.

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Create & publish beautiful content in 3 steps

1 - Start with one of MotionComposer’s samples or create an animation from scratch.

2 - Animate your content in the intuitive interface. MotionComposer create the animation automaticaly.

3 - Export your animated web content and paste the code into your Web pages to publish.

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Hassle free HTML5 & Flash® and creation

MotionComposer is an innovative authoring tool for the creation of interactive Web content in Flash® and HTML5 and provides designers, Web designers, advertisers, and many others a new way of creating Flash® and HTML5 animations in one step.

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Animations created with MotionComposer run on the latest browsers, tablets, smartphones, and iOS devices such as iPhone and the iPad.

As easy as creating a presentation

Use tools you already know from standard presentation apps - slides, animations, transitions, and actions.
For each “scene” in your animation you create a slide, select from an easy-to-use inspector palette how your content should be animated on each slide, and use a variety of actions to switch between scenes with smooth transitions. MotionComposer automatically provides the most optimized rendering based on the target browser and operating system. For iPhone and iPad, HTML5 code is “tuned” to run fast and smoothly on Apple’s Safari browser.

Embeding in Aquafadas Digital Publishing System

MotionComposer can export your animations into Aquafadas digital publishing system, create clickable objects or interactive animations to enrich the books and magazines for iPad and iPhone.

System requirements

Windows 7, XP, 1GB of RAM, Processor Dual Core.

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