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Create amazing slideshows using videos, photos and music!

WOW your friends & family in just a few clicks. Wedding, birthday, travel – just a few of the hundreds of different slideshows that you can create.

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Drag & Drop your ideas

Pick one of the incredible PulpMotion themes, drag & drop your pictures or videos, add some of your favorite music... And you're Done!
After just a few clicks you can sit back and enjoy your creation! Screen tips help you along the way at every stage. Looking to unleash your creative talent? No problem – PulpMotion offers further functionalities to fine tune your creation! Filters, Ken Burns, customizable text effects are all available.

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Advanced version: more themes and functionality

Take your beautiful PulpMotion animations to the next level with PulpMotion Advanced. Add audio annotations and create zones of interest on your pictures to create stories with your media like no one has seen before.

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Sharing Has Never Been Easier

video export
Our easy to use Export menu allows you to share your creations exactly as you want to on the iPhone, Youtube etc. There are shortcuts for exporting to Mail, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, iPod, Apple TV, etc.Create standalone compositions bundled with a player.
You can export in HD with support for anti-aliasing and motion blur for high quality export. There is an Anti-flickering option for super high quality when working with high resolution images.

  • Save your export parameters as a preset to re-use next time.
  • Improved color fidelity.
  • Modify screen size to suit your needs before exporting.

Zones of interest

PulpMotion Advanced add zones of interest to your images using the in-built image editor. Give them a name and some notes and let the "story-telling" themes turn them into stunning animations.

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All your media at your fingertips and more

PulpMotion Advanced introduces a new way to browse your media. Not only can you access all standard media repositories, such as iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, etc, but it lets you navigate trough your media in full screen. A convenient timeline shows on which dates you have images or videos. Select date ranges to quickly access the media by date.
Brand new media options in this version include Ken Burns and animated text effects.

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Themes to suit every occasion

PulpMotion Advanced comes with a rich and extensive set of themes.
Now more than 150 themes in PulpMotion Advanced. Search by Event to narrow down your choice to suit your needs.

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App publishing tool

Advanced sound capabilities

Do all your sound editing in PulpMotion Advanced. You are no longer restricted to one sound media per slideshow. Instead, drag and drop your sound files in the provided timelines and decide when a given sound effect or music should start. PulpMotion even lets you synchronize your music with your show. You can easily adjust the timing for your images to match the length of the associated sound file. Record audio annotations and associate them to your pictures and movies.

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System requirements

Intel processor ; 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended) ; Quartz Extreme compatible graphic card with 256 MB of shared memory ; An iSight camera or DV camera (optional) ; Internet connection required for registration ; Requires Mac OS 10.6 or above ; Fully compatible with Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8).

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