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Digital in 2019: Experts Predictions

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digital predictions

2018 was a year marked by many turnabouts, such as introduction of GDPR in Europe, an overwhelming quantity of content, intensification of trends such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and consolidation of mobile-first, etc. 2019 is set to start with integration of new technologies and trends in various content-related aspects. We’ve asked experts to predict what would define this year’s digital trends and here’s what they had to say! 


Mobile-centric world 

“Mobile has enabled “on-demand services” in 2018 more than ever before, just recollecting my professional and personal life in 2018, I came across:

  • Time-based general liability insurances being sold in 3 clicks
  • Real-time consultations with veterinarians based on video-calls 
  • Micro mobility apps a.k.a. Lime, Hive or Bird rising in the App Store
  • Camera-empowered scanning for ordering a knee orthosis

I guess, this will continue, making mobile-first touchpoints front and center of almost eavery business.” Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner @ Dynamo Partners 

“In 2019, we will notice a more evident shift towards a conversational search journey with Google, going from “results” to “answers”, with voice-based input and voice and visual output, that will be more thoroughly supported by smart displays.” Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant & Founder @ Orainti 

Vertical videos 

“Connected TV and the ability to target TV screens specifically (recently available for YouTube Ads) will see more advertisers and brands acquiring users that way. More placements for vertical video (Google AMP Stories, YouTube Ads, YouTube Stories, IGTV, etc.) will also continue the trend towards portrait video and adapting creatives to multiple aspect ratios.”  Sylvain Gauchet, Co-founder of Apptamin   


Progressive Web Apps 

“In mobile and apps, we will notice the growth in importance of Progressive Web Apps as the future of apps and integration with the Web, providing the best of both apps and mobile worlds: easier discoverability and linkability as they’re web based, but with app-like features as offline access and installable, with home screen access.” Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant & Founder @ Orainti 

“In addition, companies must be able to offer a certain continuity in dissemination of their content and experience offered to users, specifically enabled by the emergence of progressive web apps. PWAs will bring superior consistency regardless of digital medium or device used, all in total mobility. ” Olivier Alluis, Chief Executive Officer @ Rakuten Aquafadas 


Artificial Intelligence 

“I think that in 2019, we will have to bet on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to it, especially through machine learning combined with a judicious use of analytics, companies will be able to push for a real personalization of content, and more relevant suggestions. It will be possible to create content on the fly and in mass, while respecting a desire to adapt to the expectations of each individual. We can even recompose content from the existing to rearrange everything according to the appetites of the end users, their personal or geographical data, their behavior… This will in particular give new value to content, whatever the sector of activity.” Manuel Ranchin, Sales Director France @ Rakuten Aquafadas 

“With AI/machine learning now automating so many of marketers’ activities when it comes to user acquisition, advertisers will keep shifting their focus towards creative testing and optimization.” Sylvain Gauchet, Co-founder of Apptamin   


“Marketers will increasingly use messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Instagram to communicate with their customer base, like news, special offers and all of the other things that we used to communicate via email and social media.” Larry Kim, Chief Executive Officer @ MobileMonkey, Inc.  

“When looking into 2019 and beyond – I’d like to see a third OS competing against iOS and Android which would be a blessing for developers and customers too. Most likely it’s being built in China right now. In addition, I think we will witness a consolidation among all the mobile messaging services out there: 1-2 meta messengers will survive.” Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner @ Dynamo Partners   



“One of the trends for 2019 is a continuation of the one from 2018: unique and personalized interfaces that go beyond the simple recommendation. This experience must continue with the adaptability of interfaces to the user, such as integrated advertising, reflecting not only the user’s expectations of the message, but also the form with the right visual integration, all this is only possible through a more advanced and precise analysis of the data that the user will agree to share. At Rakuten Aquafadas, this evolution will begin with the start of the advanced analytics tools from the Rakuten Group. ” Florian Lemoine, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer @ Rakuten Aquafadas 

“It’s a given that effective marketing is personal and relevant, aligned with who your consumer is and understanding of their individual needs. However, apps introduce a new dynamic: activity. To deliver marketing and messaging users will accept and appreciate, marketers must also segment audiences according to what they have or haven’t done in-app. If you want users to keep coming back to your app, you need to understand user profiles (age, gender, geography). But you also need to grasp user behaviors and the patterns that point to churn. (Have they launched the app in the last 3-5 days? Where did they drop out before committing to a subscription? What did they choose as news preferences and how often would they prefer updates?) But keeping users active and interested remains the biggest puzzle marketers have yet to crack. That’s where machine learning shines. It gives marketers a much greater ability to tailor engagement approaches to specific audiences, even specific customers, based on the probability that they are very likely, likely and even less likely to churn. “ Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst & Founder of Mobile Groove


User Experience 

“In my opinion, the most important trend of 2019 is the evolution of user experience. Through the new conversational interfaces, especially audio and chatbots, this evolution will allow a higher engagement, a greater captivity of the users thanks to a greater interactivity but also an increase of the quality of the contents expected and a reduction of the time reaction to capture the different audiences.” Stéphane Dayras, Pre-Sales Manager @ Rakuten Aquafadas 

“For 2019, I would go further than the upcoming new features or technologies, which ultimately only serve the big trend of the months and years to come: the interaction that brands need to maintain with customers or users. Indeed, a company today needs to extend its brand and its universe beyond a message or a visual, it must constantly interact with everyone, according to its expectations. First of all, to provide everyone with a personalized experience, and this is where the changes expected in the analytics, UX/UI, or artificial intelligence (AI) side come in.” Olivier Alluis, Chief Executive Officer @ Rakuten Aquafadas 

“The heart of the changes coming in 2019 is represented, in my opinion, by the evolution of user experience (UX). More and more, we will have more targeted, personalized interfaces (UI), which will meet the expectations of each end-user, for a better distribution of the content. It is also synonymous with greater interactivity, with the advent of a real exchange between the user and the company through the UI. Intuitiveness will also be needed and it will increase the efficiency and relevance of the information sought or need. Finally, the 2019 user experience way, is also a significant comfort through ergonomics really at the service of users.” Achille Coenegracht, International Business Development & Partnerships Director @ Rakuten Aquafadas 


Data and ethic 

“While 2018 has been the year of GDPR in Europe, the number of scandals related to inappropriate or even misleading data processing has exploded! 2019 will have to show that the operators of digital black gold are able to innovate in terms of ethics and transparency under penalty of facing the anger of their employees, their customers and the exacerbated pressure of social networks and media. A year when the change of uses becomes imperative, while humanity has never had so much data on each person.” Alban Jarry (, Chief Digital Technology Officer @ Ecole Polytechnique d’Assurances 


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