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Promoting value of data about status of our planet via a tablet publication

The Copernicus Touchbook” to promote the European space initiative designed to improve quality of life

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Copernicus, the most ambitious Earth Observation programme ever conceived is an initiative headed by the European Commission, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Environmental agency, in order to provide precise, continuous and timely information on the status of our planet. The revolution of the programme consists mainly in the provision of a huge amount of data, free for anyone who calls for it, to stimulate the development of new Copernicus-based services and products for the ultimate benefit of all European citizens.

Copernicus data are collected by a constellation of dedicated satellites, called the Sentinels, and Earth observation missions from other space agencies. The data are then streamed and made freely available for Copernicus services through a unified ground segment. These data can be used for a wide range of applications in a variety of areas such as to better manage natural disasters and global changes, to provide support to economy or improve life in cities, just to mention some.

Since the success of Copernicus is strongly connected to the use of its data, their challenge was to find a way to disseminate widely and in a pervasive way the opportunities offered by the programme.

Solution : a multimedia and interactive tablet publication

ESA thought that a digital publication, which is able to show the opportunities in an enjoyable and interesting way, could be the right solution.

“The Copernicus Touchbook” was thought and built by ESA as a free multimedia and interactive tablet publication, available on both Apple and Google app stores using the Rakuten Aquafadas tools. Through a circular navigation, this publication offers users the possibility to discover both the satellites and the services part of the programme.

The publication makes a clever use of the storytelling approach, enriched with videos, images, quizzes and interactions to explain to citizens, industry men and scientists how this massive European space initiative could really improve their quality of life.

Results : the most comprehensive communication tool ever designed for the Copernicus Programme

The publication is intended to raise the awareness of the programme and on the opportunities it can provide to all citizens of the planet.

The technology used to build the “The Copernicus Touchbook” was created by Rakuten Aquafadas and is the most comprehensive communication tool designed so far to introduce the Copernicus Programme.

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