Who is it for?

We offer digital publishing solutions for authors and book publishers. Our software makes it easy to create interactive content for e-readers, smartphones, tablets and the web. With Aquafadas, you can build your content in Adobe InDesign and publish in one click, or instead, use our easy Cloud Authoring system to automatically convert print layouts to render perfectly on digital devices.


With the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System, it’s easy to create:

  •  Fixed-layout ePUBs for eReaders
  •  Reflowable-layout ePUBs
  •  iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad
  •  Android Apps
  •  Branded Web Readers

Everything you build with our system can be fully branded and interactive, offering a uniquely engaging experience for your users. Create and enhance your content easily with no coding experience, or use our SDK to develop advanced projects.

Distribute your titles on every platform.

Publish an eBook


Sell your eBooks on the most popular
digital book stores!

  •  Fixed layout.
  •  Reflow layout.
  •  Sophisticated enrichments.


Publish an App


Transform your content into a mobile
app for Android or iOS!

  •  Create your own branded store.
  •  Manage your reader-community.
  •  Manage user analytics.
  •  Insert sophisticated enrichments.


Publish a Web Reader


Showcase your content in a branded
web-reader that dipslays like an app.

  •  Publish on the web.
  •  Fit to the side of the screen.
  •  Same content in your app & the web.
  •  Sophisticated enrichments.


Create once, publish everywhere

One reason Aquafadas is unique in the digital publishing world is that we offer both cloud and InDesign-based tools. Which tool you need depends on your organization’s individual needs.

cloudauthoringCloud Authoring

Cloud Authoring is a user-friendly system for converting documents into interactive publications for the web and mobile devices. This is an excellent choice for publishers who already have a layout designed, but want to add interactive elements and convert it to display beautifully on mobile devices or within a branded web app. Start with a PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF file—finish with an ePUB file or mobile app for iOS or Android.
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indesign authoringInDesign Authoring

Our InDesign Authoring system allows you to build feature-rich content in Adobe InDesign to be published within an app that you create using our AppFactory tool. InDesign Authoring is ideal for building born-digital apps and publications with an advanced degree of complexity, without the need for any coding or development. Start from scratch or import your layout, finish with an ePUB file or mobile app for iOS or Android.
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